Marketing tips for wedding suppliers

Please help me to find you, awesome wedding suppliers!

Dear wedding suppliers!

Let me introduce myself first.  I am getting married soon, and in the last couple of months, I have spent lots of time hunting down you guys.  Have you seen my comprehensive lists of Exeter photographers, florists, venues,and hair or makeup artists?  However, just because I have been able to find your service doesn’t mean that all of your potential customers could.  I have a huge desire to make my wedding perfect and patience.  Anyway, let me try and share with you my thoughts on how you could better promote your service Ready? Let’s start!

One. Blog

Why do you need to blog?  From my understanding, Google loves websites that are updated frequently.  In other words, blogging on a regular basis alone may increase your chances of appearing on the first pages.  Now, I could be wrong.  I know nothing about Google, to be perfectly honest.  As a bride, though, I like to see work done at my wedding venue.  I am curious to see how other brides have decorated my venue, which dresses and veils they have picked, at which particular spots they have their photos taken, etc. I would search using key words, “Reed Hall wedding florists,” “Reed Hall wedding photographers,” etc.  So why not showcase your work and inspire me?  I would love to spend more time browsing your website, and I am pretty sure that my behaviors, overall, will signal to Google that your website have relevant and high quality content, and Google would be less hesitant to recommend it.

In short, blog, please.

[Do you know what else I look for in your website, blog or Facebook fan page? While I am examining your portfolio, I still seek for other reputable wedding suppliers. Don’t you want to help your colleagues find jobs?  They will probably do the same to you if you are kind to them.  And the more websites/ blogs/ facebook refer to your page, the more Google loves you.  You can learn more about this with the keyword, “backlink.”]

Two. Be active on Instagram and Facebook.

When was the last time you posted on your page? If you don’t know what to publish on your page, you could try posting

  • an inspirational quote/ poem/ videos about wedding and marriage
  • tips on preparing for the wedding day (skin care/ hair care advice, for example)
  • a thank-you card from your former customers
  • your makeup kits/ photography gears/ flower studios
  • your recent work (taken by a professional photographer is highly recommended)
  • your previous work (Write about what you did that day last year and send the couple some love on their anniversary.)

Please don’t forget to use hashtags on Instagram.  You could use something broad, such as #love, but don’t forget to be specific.  By that, I mean ‘yourcity’weddingphotographer, ‘yourcity’bridalbouquet, etc.  If you cover more than one city, have more than one hashtags.  You could always go to popular Instagram accounts and see if you could learn from your colleagues.

I suggest that you add lines (dot/enter/dot/enter) between your main caption and the hashtags.  You could do this by typing out everything elsewhere (Facebook, for example), and then paste the entire message to Instagram.  Why?  Some expert think without those spaces, you seem to be so desperate for likes.

Three. Build good connections with your colleagues.

Do they recommend you on their website?  Do their Facebook pages like your Facebook pages? Do they think about you first when the wedding party is large and need an extra hand to ensure everyone is ready on time? When they are booked, do they recommend you to their otherwise-would-be customers?  If you are sick or have an emergency on a wedding day, are they willing to show up and help your customers?

I don’t know how you could work without colleagues, to be honest.

Four. Run Facebook advertisements.

Target your audience carefully.  Of course, you probably won’t be wrong to target those whose relationship status is engaged and living in your city.  If you are a florist, makeup artist or hairstylist, you could target Facebook users who claims that their gender is female.  In my opinion, it is more likely that they make the final decision on which suppliers to pick.

Six. Get your name out there.

Collaborate with other suppliers, and do editorial shoots. Participate in bridal shows and competitions.  Advertise your business on local newspaper.  Pin your business cards on coffee shop bulletins.  See if an influencer could be so kind as to write a review of your business and share it on their page.  Leave comments on your colleagues’ Instagram posts.

In the end, I don’t think you will be able to attract new customers if you are neither kind nor skilled.  Thus, as you learn about how to run a business, don’t forget to sharpen your technical skills.  That’s more essential.

Best of luck!


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