Wedding photographers, florists and venues in or close to Exeter

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my page and congratulations on your engagement.  Try not to be stressed over wedding planning.  At the end of the day, I’m sure you will wed the person you love so dearly, and that’s all what matters.  If we haven’t been introduced, my name is QuynhNhu Phan, and starting September 2017, I shall pursue a Master degree in Special Education at the University of Exeter.

Have you read my previous post (wedding hair and makeup artists in or close to Exeter) yet?  Similar to that one, this post aims to help you find the majority of local wedding suppliers.  You won’t believe how long it took me to compose this post.  I read wedding blogs, looked at South West Wedding Awards Finalists in the past 4 years, employed hashtags on Instagram, etc.  Perhaps, I should be a detective, or offer a course on marketing for wedding suppliers.

My budget is low (5000 pounds), yet I am a creative artist with high expectations.  Are you curious about my final choices?  Our wedding venue is Reed Hall.  As we are both alumni of University of Exeter, this venue is meaningful to us.  We are also pleased that Reed Hall is an exclusive use venue.  As soon as we expressed our interest in hiring the building, they reserved all the bed and breakfast rooms for our guests.

Additionally, we are able to host our ceremony and reception at the same place.  This saves us from the trouble of organizing the transportation to our guests, who will be coming from Vietnam, Europe, and the States.  Besides huge glass doors, the Woodbridge restaurant at Reed Hall has a hardwood floor, providing us with an amazing opportunity for folk dancing.  (For your information, I fell in love with James not at first sight, but at our first folk dance.  Our wedding first dance, therefore, has been planned to be our first dance.)

Equally importantly, Reed Hall is a perfect choice for us because it’s quiet, peaceful, beautiful, and not close to the city center.  We are not a huge fan of the traffic around Christmas.  Likewise, there are ample of parking spaces nearby, free of charge.  If you live in Exeter, don’t you agree that parking near the city center can be expensive, and sometimes, impossible?

I hope that my sharing is helpful.  Let me know if you would like to know how I have picked my photographer, florist, hair and makeup artists.  I probably won’t start writing any reviews until my wedding is over though.

Best of luck!
QuynhNhu Phan

P/S: I’m sorry that the majority of my blog is in Vietnamese.  Raised up in this beautiful Asian country, I enjoy sharing my experience living in the States and in the United Kingdom to my friends.