England, Week 6

It’s been six weeks since I arrived in London.

The journey has been marvelous. I have friends from Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Italy, Slovenia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore and China. Last Wednesday, we had an international potluck, featuring appetizing foods from around the world. The games we played allowed us to learn about one another, while bringing us delighted laughter. I can’t wait for our next adventure to Exmouth.

Besides, I have started a new hobby: folk dancing. The Folk Society meets weekly and everyone is tremendously welcoming. We get on like a house on fire. One of the society members has invited me to Knightshayes Courttomorrow. Another member, Emily Manning, is spending this summer in the United States. She has planned to visit Florida and we have been enormously excited at the thought of reunion. Also, the Folk Society is heading to Coventry this upcoming weekend to participate in Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival 2016. I am elevated!

Additionally, my sorority sister, Leia, and her acapella group, The Accidentals, are coming to Exeter to support Semi-Toned next month. And my best friends,Leena and Kim-Anh, are traveling to England in May. The months to come will definitely be AMAZING.


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