Welcome, year of the GOAT!

This time last year, I was putting a lot effort into earning 4.0 while having 2 part-time jobs. I also was studying for the SAT exam, writing and rewriting essays and praying that I would get accepted to at least one of the seven colleges I was applying. At one point, I cried in my car, desperately trying to persuade myself that spending money on translating the seven-page high school transcript, making a host of certified copies and paying $175 CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE fees is a good investment.

When last May came, I was excited and nervous. I did not know if I would be welcomed at the Tribe, make new friends, handle heavy workload and meet the professors’ high expectations. During the one month I spent in Vietnam, I forgot my worries and inspired hundreds of young adults to aim high, work hard and make the most of their lives. The five talks were well organized in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City and Vinh Long Province in such a short time, thanks to my professor and friends. I was tremendously honored to be trusted and given such many wonderful chances to share what America has taught me. Plus, for the first time in my life, I saw my face on plenty of posters.

The time at William and Mary has been marvelous. The College has so much to offer and I struggle to decide which opportunities to take up. The Office of Community Engagement, the Office of Student Leadership Development and the Cohen Career Center have been the ones I stay close in touch. They allow me to learn about myself, hone my skills, get to know like-minded peers, contribute the community and prepare for life after graduation.

The past year has been unbelievable, as if I were a duck transforming into a swan. With an optimistic attitude and courage, I have faced failures and achieved small successes. Now I am ready to know how year of the Goat will be.



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