Transitional words and phrases

also, again, as well as, besides, coupled with, in addition, additionally, similarly, likewise, moreover, what’s more, furthermore, not to mention, equally important

if, even if, only if, in case, provided that, given that, so that, so as to, in order to, owing to, due to, inasmuch as, as long as, on condition that, upon condition that

accordingly, as a result, as a consequence, consequently, for this reason, for this purpose, for fear that, hence, otherwise, hence, subsequently, therefore, thus, thereupon, wherefore, because, with this in mind, in the hope that, in view of, for the purpose of

Contrast and Comparison:
by the same token, conversely, instead, likewise, on one hand, on the other hand, on the contrary, in contrast, in comparison, rather, similarly, yet, but, however, still, nevertheless, rather, unlike, although, though, in spite of, despite, notwithstanding, whereas, different from

here, there, over there, beyond, nearly, opposite to, under, above, to the left, to the right, in front of, in the distance, in the back of, in the background, in the foreground, inside, in the center of, on the left side, on top, over, nearby, across, alongside, among

by the way, incidentally

above all, chiefly, with attention to, especially, particularly, singularly

aside from, barring, beside, except, excepting, excluding, exclusive of, other than, outside of, save

chiefly, especially, for instance, for example, in particular, markedly, namely, particularly, including, specifically, such as, as, to illustrate, with respect to

as a rule, as usual, for the most part, generally, generally speaking, ordinarily, usually

for example, for instance, for one thing, as an illustration, illustrated with, as an example, in this case, to demonstrate, to emphasize, to clarify, to explain

comparatively, coupled with, correspondingly, identically, likewise, similarly, moreover, together with, either… or, neither… or

in essence, in other words, in fact, in general, in particular, in short, in brief, in detail, namely, that is, that is to say, to put it differently, put it another way, for one thing, by all means

first, at first, first of all, to begin with, in the first place, at the same time, for now, for the time being, up to the present time, until now, next, the next step, then, soon, after, before, earlier, later, later on, while, as, when, once, in time, in turn, meanwhile, in the meantime, in a moment, simultaneously, afterward, eventually, finally, all of a sudden, in due time

after all, all in all, all things considered, briefly, by and large, in any case, in any event, in brief, in conclusion, in short, in summary, in essence, in the final analysis, in the long run, in a word, on the whole, on balance, to sum up, to summarize, as has been noted

fortunately, unfortunately, especially, surprisingly, expressively, frequently, occasionally, ordinarily, shortly, immediately, instantly, presently

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