What do you do in your free time?

This is a very common question, and a typical answer would be listening to music, reading books, or playing sports. If you had asked me this question a year ago, I would have replied the same, though I rarely spent time on those activities. It’s like you will probably say: “I’m fine. Thanks! And you?” whenever someone greets you: “Hi! How are you?”. Besides, how do you define “free time”? Some friends of mine said they studied when they were free, but they were always busy playing games.

In addition to learning English and working, I volunteer. I deliver the meals for the old, or the disabled. I teach the seniors a few basic computer skills. Also, I help at an adult day care. I really enjoy what I am doing because I have chances to know a lot of generous people, improve my English and understand the cultural differences. Especially, all my program coordinators are willing to be my references, which helps me to grasp several invaluable opportunities.

Moreover, I’m a translator, a blogger, and a Facebooker. I’d like to share whatever I have known, have learnt, have experienced, as well as have felt excited about. The topics vary and include American life, English, love, social media, and education.  Even though a few friends of mine think that I have made quite a name for myself, I simply consider it as a hobby, hoping that my interest will never fizzle out.

If I still have some spare time, I often visit my friends, call my grandmother, read books or novels, take photos, play piano, watch movies, do scrapbooking and go shopping.

There is no doubt that every activity helps me grow as a person and brings me enjoyment. Still, these days, I keep wondering whether what I am passionately doing will support what I am pursuing in the future – TO BECOME A SOCIOLOGIST. What do you think?

QuynhNhu Phan


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