– Thư trao đổi với Ms. Grace Wolf

Hi Quynh-Nhu,

Vel Hernandez sent me your info – you were interested in the OCA mentoring program (www.oca-maap.org).

Please take a look at the OCA mentoring program and see if you are interested in applying and can make the meeting dates in DC. You need to apply by 1/22 and the fee is $40, which Jade Philanthropy Society will pay, if you can not – either put it on a credit card and we will send you a reimbursement check or one of the JPS founders (me most likely) will put the registration fee on our personal card! JPS is a group I, along with 12 other asian american women leaders in philanthropy, started last year. We’re just getting going!

JPS is on FB at http://www.facebook.com/JadePhilanthropy.

Best of luck, I think it’s a great program!


Dear Ms. Grace Wolf,

Since I have been here for only 10 months, I truly hope the OCA mentoring program will help me to develop myself, make the right decisions as well as determine a good career path. I’m thankful to you, and Jade Philanthropy Society, for believing me and providing me with this scholarship.

After applying for this program this morning, I already put it on my credit card. If possible, please send me a reimbursement check to the following address:


I highly appreciate all your time and support!

Kind regards,
Quynh-Nhu Phan

P/S: Thank you for taking part in VAYLC 2012! Your speech was so great, humorous and inspiring, which made me think a lot about other Asian women. You are such an amazing woman! May all the best come to you this 2013…

Congrats! I will get a check out to you today! I’m so glad you decided to apply for the program, I think it will be well worth your while. And I’m glad you enjoyed my presentation at VAYLC last year, I enjoyed meeting everyone and hope to participate again this year!


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