“What can we do to protect our environment?”

Mother Earth is always so wonderful. She provides us with places to live, water to drink, food to eat and fresh air to breathe but we, human, take her for grated. We would never destroy our sixty-million dollar house on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street and yet we burn down trees, killing the forests that are valuable resources.  Even though we learn that life is the planet started from the oceans and Earth wouldn’t be the only living planet without water presence, not to mention the fact that more than 70% of human body is water, we pollute water by all means such as throwing trashes, leaking oil and toxic substances from industrial companies and automobiles. Human becomes the most dangerous threat to the environment. At the same time, we are the only one who can work together to heal the Earth.

Air pollution is partly caused by forest fire. Firstly, to safe our environment, people must be prevented from making fire by smoking or tilling near the woods. Secondly, there should always be a team of well- trained fire fighters getting ready to start their work at any time to save the forests. Lastly, taking field trips to the forests is a great way to teach young citizens to respect the nature and having better attitude toward environmental issues. Together each of us can plant a tree, can remind each other to behave better with trees and flowers on the streets, at the parks.

War is another thing that human does which hurts not only each other but also damages the environment. Actually, the military machinery and explosives such as firearms, howitzers, mines, etc. are extremely harmful to the environment! They have caused unprecedented levels of deforestation and habitat destruction. For example, the destruction of 35% of Cambodia’s intact forests due to two decades of civil conflict. The number of extinct animals, trees, and other important species also increases rapidly after the war. Even though in my biology class I learn that extinction is a part of natural selection, it is sad to know the fact that most animals and trees become extinct because of human fighting. Hence, stopping fighting or struggling against the battle will surely help protecting this Lonely Planet.

Black smoke and dark particles from factory smokestacks are another causes leading to the air pollution. Thus, in order to keep the air fresh, the government and local authorities should be stricter, the law and the rules promulgated ought to be clearer and more detailed. In addition, the board of directors of each company must consider and find all the ways to minimize the amount of the carbon emissions and recycle their waste or products more effectively as well as wisely choose less toxic materials in the process. For example, it takes 10 years for a tint can to be completely absorbed by the soil so there should be a better material to make canned food. On the one hand, environmentalists have to discuss about the problems with the company leaders and help them to figure out good solutions. On the other hand, our country is always proud of the International Chemistry Awards that students win each year. Why not take advantage of those young talented students? If there are chances and awards given for students who can come up with more effective solutions for those complicated industry problems, the results will be great.

There are simple daily baby steps that each of us, students, adults, girls, and boys can do to save the Earth. Riding bikes (or using buses) is a good hobby. It is an  interesting activity bringing us energy and excitement. More than that, the atmosphere will not be polluted by carbon dioxide exhausted from motorbike race cans.  At home, recycling paper, plastic, glass bottles, cardboard, and aluminum cans is one of the ways conserving energy and reducing production emissions. Going shopping, we are recommended to choose products that have less packaging and can be reusable like rechargeable batteries. Instead of using plastic bags, shopping with a canvas bag is a very good solution.

Not only the air but also the water is being polluted. Comprising over 70% of the Earth’s surface, water is undoubtedly the most precious natural resource that exists on our Green Planet. In some places like where it is overpopulated, India, Africa, water becomes shortage as people no longer have enough water supplies. Farmers are infecting this invaluable resource by using fertilizers and insecticides in very careless way these days. Will you be afraid that the water bottles you just bought contain the remaining toxic substances? Will that fact make you start to think twice before doing something to the environment?  Using pesticide hurts everyone: the soils, the water, the farmers’ health, and of course, the consumers’ health. Lots of people can contribute some helps to resolve this problem. Medical doctors may spend their time talking about cancer and other chemical exposed related diseases while students may give out posters and more talks to those husbandmen. At the same time, the government can take a step further by encouraging the farmers to grow organic products and make sure they will have markets to consume their products. Lastly, chemists and agricultures engineers will make a good team to discover more effective methods.

Most of us enjoy breathing in the smell of fresh flower early morning, watching a yellow leave falling into a blue river. It is sad for our next generation if the only thing they can smell is the plastic mask that they wear everyday since the environment is so polluted and toxic to inhale. Just imagine that your kids don’t have the concept “forests” and “rivers,” they only know those terms in a cyclopedia and see those things in pictures. For the benefit of ourselves and our children, we must take good care of the Earth nurtures us generation after generation. We have two choices: to take good care of the Earth or everything becomes extinct./.


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