Trần Xuân Diễm Phương

Being one of the top five students in high school classes, Phuong is now a Hoa Sen University sophomore, majoring in Tourism Management. Full of energy and passion, extremely good at observing and analyzing, she is likely to step up to become the leader in any projects in which she is involved. She is also willing to trade off herself, including time, money and other resources for perfect results. It is her true greatness and true sacrifice that makes her a true leader in her eighteen.

As a person, Phuong is a delight to know. She loves reading, traveling and taking photographs. She has left her footprint in numerous lands in Vietnam where she has taken lots of fantastic shots. For HCM City tours, please do not hesitate to contact her for free guiding.


Bùi Thị Thu Hà

Thu Hà is another sophomore majoring in Tourism Management. She is a confident and determined girl who always heads to the future. After setting goals, she always does all her best and pursues them to the end so as not to regret anything. Her favorite quote, as she shared, is “try it best and let it be“.

Having an optimistic view of life, Hà has proved herself a wonderful teammate. It is her cheerful face and attitude that light up our day when we face difficulties and challenges. She, what is more, is keen on human psychology. If it weren’t for her unique sophisticate, the team member relationships would not be cemented and strengthened this harmonious and steady. Please kindly be informed that you can contact her in English, French or Japanese.


Huỳnh Tuyết Mai

As a sophomore doing Tourism Management at Hoa Sen University, Mai is the one who owns an out-standing transcript. Without any show-offs, she leaves an unforgettable impression on people by her presence of mind, scrupulousness, and responsibility.

Mai’s view of life is distinguished in her serene way. Not only an ardent fan of romantic Europe novels and Korean movies, but she is also deeply into soft songs. However, surprisingly, she is an active student who does not pass up any chances to contribute to our society. We, hence, should congratulate Mai on her new role, an English teacher for ECO organization.


Phan Quỳnh Như

A 2009 graduate from Nguyễn Thượng Hiền High school, Quỳnh Như is currently a student at Hoa Sen University, majoring in Tourism Management. As a student, she is exceptionally preeminent. She was the recipient of many awards including Ihotelier, Student Research Award, University Study Strategy, Hoa Sen Smiles, to name a few. As a girl, Như is extremely friendly, open-minded and dynamic. She used to work as a Website Community Manager for DeltaViet Project since her freshman year; later on, she served as an Assistant Manager for Bạn Của Bé Ltd., Co.

Full of experience and creation, she is a member that always brings huge contribution. Being keen on networking events, Như has a lengthy list of such events which she has joined; two of the highlights are VietNam – India Youth Exchange Program and VANGO Capacity Building Workshops.


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