on-the-way diary 09.10.11

Today is such an awesome day 🙂

Tran Phuong, Mai Huynh and I took part in a competition called “Raising The Spirit 3”, organized by Pharmacy English Club. They both hadn’t prepared anything for this contest and neither had I. However, since I trusted in our English skills, as well as the team spirit, I registered and then informed them the time and venue only when all were done.

We did the Oral test well, since describing the pictures and explaining its meaning, as well as our thinking was not a big deal. We did dream of the awards in the end; however, challenges came when we facing the multiple-choice-and-writing session. Multiple choice part required both social and pharmacy knowledge; hence, none of us could complete this part well. In addition, I also had problems in writing. It’s ages since I last wrote those paragraphs by hand. If they had required me to write emails, or facebook notes, maybe I would have done it better :)), jk

After that, we had “mì” and “hủ tíu” for lunch. The food was extremely delicious. Mai, then, left for the ECO orientation program. Phương and I, then, felt cold and sleepy when it rained cats and dogs; however, we still tried to discuss about the event and the tasks. Suddenly, as I wondered how organizers of “Ngày hội Du học và Bạn trẻ” set up that event and managed the weather risk, we decided to join and learn from real example.

Later, Hà and Thông turned up in the hope of going to the cinema together. We had a lot of fun when participating in the program. I cannot forget how Phuong and Ha were exciting to practice Japanese and French. Hopefully, they can went to Japan to take the Master degree after take part in the exchange program to Finland and France.

The cinema disappointed us, so we chose a bubble tea shop nearby to seriously discuss about the job lists that need completing immediately. Though the lights went out, we still kept considering problems one by one and proactively took the responsibilities. Right after when I had reached my home, I sent a thank you note to OVS project leader, Raising The Spirit candidates, as well as all MXCDD potential sponsors. I also informed my beloved friends of important information, which are already introduced in my fan page here.

From now on, we all have to work extremely hard. When Monday comes, Phương and Hà will have to go around this city to meet Department Head, Event Supervisor, Sponsors, Partners, etc. You know what, no matter how it gonna be, I’m dying to that G-day.



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